Coming to the 2023 Knox Asian Festival

AUG 26th, 2023:
2 PM Sumo Show + 3 PM Photos
5 PM Sumo Show + 6 PM Photos

World’s Fair Park

These guys are the most authentic sumo wrestlers, currently in the Western Hemisphere.

sumo wrestler hiroki

6’4″  580 lb

Hiroki competed on an elite level in Japanese Pro Sumo, and won two divisional Champion titles.  He’s also competed in sumo events worldwide, and even did an appearance in a WWE event.  He’s been in numerous movies (like John Wick 4), and TV shows, including a starring role in the globally-acclaimed Netflix series “Sanctuary.”  He is currently the heaviest Japanese sumo wrestler in the world!

See a clip of Hiroki destroying the main character in Sanctuary:

sumo wrestler ramy

6’4″  520 lbs

  • 10-time National Sumo Champion
  • Former US Sumo Open Champion

Ramy has won titles and competed in sumo worldwide, on 4 continents, including at the World Championships.  He was the #1 Egyptian competitor for 10 years in a row!  He also appears regularly at sumo exhibitions, nationwide, and on many TV shows, including a principal role, for 5 years now on the Spanish TV show “Tengo Talento.”

sumo wrestler mendee

5’10”  330 lbs

  • 2-time US Sumo Open Champion
  • Former World Sumo Champion

Mendee has been dominant internationally, winning medals all over the world.  In his two years at the US Sumo Open, he is 27-0, a perfect record, en route to gold medals!  He also represents Mongolia on the World stage, in the Sumo World Championships, World Games, and World Combat Games.  He’s one of the most dynamic sumo competitors globally.  Despite his “smaller” stature, he has spectacular speed and technique.