Outreach Programs

Educational Activities
  • Introduction to origami, tea ceremony, taiko drums, anime, etc.
  • “Japan in a Suitcase” and teacher workshops
  • Working with curriculum specialists of district schools
  • Fundraising for Japanese Language Teachers Association
  • Language and culture competitions for K-16 students
  • Study abroad fairs, Japan clubs, JET program explanation, festivals, etc.
  • Tutoring Japanese language students at universities
  • Teaching business etiquette and useful phrases for travelers
  • Presentations on pop culture, education, government, economy, etc.
  • Demonstrations of arts, crafts, toys, food, music, etc.
Organizational Development and Networking
  • Developing sister city, sister state, or sister school programs
  • Developing Japan-U.S. business relations
  • Organizing Japan festivals
  • Office administration
  • Creating Japanese welcome packet for economic development
  • ESL and tutoring for Japanese expatriates
  • Mobilizing local Japanese expat communities
  • Supporting study abroad recruitment and promotion
  • Workshops on Japanese business etiquette and customs
  • Organizing Japanese film festival
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