Commercial Vendors

We are excited to welcome the following vendors to this year’s Knoxville Asian Festival!

Big Aus Coffee Company

We started with a true love for coffee. Our goal is to bring exquisite world coffee to the public for the average price. At Big Aus Coffee Company, we know we are nothing without our customers – we strive for 100% Customer Approval! We are a rapidly growing small family business with regular and specialty coffees.

Visit us at the festival for:

  • 8oz bags of Australian blend coffee, K-cups, Whole Bean, Lemonade drink mix
Kimono USA

Men, women and children’s vintage kimono and related accessories, such as obi, haori, nagajyuban (under kimono) and tabi socks and some anime trinkets, plushies 

Thoughtful Paws

We sell practical pet accessories that promote responsible pet ownership.

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Knotty Gal Crochet & PappyswoodCraftsTN

Come to see us at the festival for crocheted animals and characters, and sewn children’s totes.

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865 Axe Throwing

We offer axe throwing to everyone 5 years and older.

Plant Curators

Kokedamas, Kusamono, Bonsai starter plants, Jade plants, and unique house plants

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KVong Art

Spooky and folklore-themed anime art

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House of Anime

I sell a wide variety of Japanese figurines, toys, and plush dolls as well as KPOP CDs, concert merch, and apparel.

  • Kpop albums and merchandise

  • Kpop supplies

  • Sanrio items 

    Authors Guild of Tennessee 


    Our products are handmade by members of our family and some from a collective group of women from my hometown in Thailand. We do fair pay and source out materials from local suppliers.

    The products that we are planning to sell at the festival are:

    • Convertible skirt & dress $35
    • Boho pants $30
    • Wide legs pants $30
    • Butterfly Jumper $45
    • Dresses (cotton and rayon) $30-$50
    • Crochet clothing $25-$45
    • Shorts $15
    • Tops $20-$25
    • Patchwork clothing $45
    • Kid dresses $18-$25
    • Kid pants $12-$22

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    Dalia + Jade
    • Dress extenders (a DALIA + JADE exclusive, designed by me). – Makes short dresses or tunics longer.
    • Dresses, denim shorts, bodysuits, tops, jackets, skirts,
    • Minimalist necklaces with funny or sentimental message cards.
    • Bullet jewelry and accessories

    Name-on-Rice Jewelry
    • Panda Necklace and panda keychain

    • Chinese Silk Fans

    • Write Name in Chinese on the Rock

    • Chinese Lucky Charms

    • Write Name on the Glow-in-Dark Rock

    • Chinese Coin Purse

    • Chinese Silk Gift Bag

    • Chinese Old Coin

    • Handmade Chinese Hairpin

    • Handmade Chinese Earrings

    • Chinese Hair Clips

    • Chinese Silk Umbrella, Write customer’s name on it in Chinese

    • Chinese Car Pendant


    Metal Wire Art – I have been a vendor for many years 

    Nicki Puckett Creative Services 

    Caricature Artist

    8 Lucky Forests

    Gift store selling awesomely cute items and Korean beauty products. Please feel free to check out our website at to see the range of products we sell.

    The Plucky Parasol

    Hand-painted paper parasols and paddle fans

    Caoyu Studio Ceramics 

    Handmade ceramics, Asian influenced, made by Eric Sherwood and Maggie Connolly 


    Cement6 is an ethical/sustainable brand of bags and wallets made from repurposed cement and farming bags. 

    Knoxville Electric Vehicle Association (KEVA)
    We are a 501(c)3 non-profit. Our mission at the festival will be to answer questions on electric vehicles (EVs), batteries, infrastructure, rebates, etc! 
    Sugar’N Spice Delights
    We will have several goodies at the festival!
    Nick’s Bead Art
    Perler/Melty bead art. All items are handmade. Magnets & Keychains.

    We will have Omamori (Japanese good luck charms), lucky cats, miscellaneous stationery

    MarFar Sauce

    A Vinegar-based sweet & tangy sauce with a tingle of heat. The perfect “put on everything” sauce! Shrimp, Chicken, Steak, Pork, Hibachi, Fried Rice, BBQ and more! 

    Mohao Boutique

    We feature many Asian-inspired hair accessories & jewelry 

    Go Dance

    We will be registering attendees to win free ballroom dance lessons. 

    Twin Modo

    I sell Sanrio items such as plushies, t-shirts, figures, stationary and more! I also sell exclusive merchandise from Japan from places like the Pokémon Center, Shonen Jump Store and more. Our inventory ranges from figures, plushies, keychains, acrylic stands and more!

    Apotheca Cannabis Dispensary

    We provide a vast array of both psychoactive and non-psychoactive alternative healthy solutions including hemp flower, CBD lotions and tinctures, edible CBD and Delta 9 thc, and calming CBD for pets. Most of our products are from our own house brand using third party tested NC grown hemp. 

    Fastest Labs of West Knoxville 

    fastest labs logo
    Ascension Gemstones & Gifts

    Sage, Gemstones, gemstone jewelry, and gifts

    Japan Miscellaneous 

    Kimono, Japanese shirts, sake sets, rice bowl sets, chop sticks, hand fans, hand-made jewelry

    Smoky Mountain Home Improvements

    Get information about home improvements!

    Capital Vacations

    Discounted travel packages including weekend getaways, resort stays, and cruises 

    disABILITY Research Center 


    Acupressure and Craniosacral Therapy 

    Girl Scouts of the Southern Appalachians