Sister City : CB Middle School Home Stay Program

10 students and 2 chaperones came to visit for the first time after COVID from Muroran City, Japan. Students did Homestay & Teacher visited L & N Stem school & Bearden High School. Mayor Kincannon welcomed the Sister City delegations. They exchanged presents.

Meeting with the Consul-General Yoichi Matsumoto

Executive Director of ACCTN Kumi Aldemran, Japan outreach Initiative Program coordinator Mana & Miku and Junko Tezuka-Arnold, PhD. Master Lecturer, Japanese visit the Consul-General Matsumoto to share their mission and plan for Japan Out-reach initiative Program.

Meeting With Knox County Mayor Jacobs

Japan outreach Initiative Program coordinator Mana arrived in Knoxville from Japan. Mana met County Mayor Jacobs. Mayor Jacobs connected us with a couple organizations that the JOI coordinator can be partners with.

Japan Showcase Origami Workshop in Maryville College

Asian Culture Center of TN JOI coordinator Mana was invited to Maryville College to do the Japan showcase! Students enjoyed the Origami workshop and made pumpkins and ghosts.

This was the first outreach activity by Mana. She came from Japan in August, to promote the awareness and understanding of Japan through workshops and activities.

When she was 12 years old, She experienced summer camp and homestay in the United States. She studied abroad in Massachusetts and met many International students. She really enjoyed knowing the differences between the United States or other countries and Japan. She realized the fun and importance of cultural exchange from that experience.

She believes that cultural experiences make people’s lives more beautiful and enriched.

She will be in Knoxville for 2 years. If you are interested in having her at your place, please feel free to contact us. She is happy to visit schools, universities, colleges, museums, libraries, or any organization/group interested in learning about Japan.

Consulate-General of Japan in Nashville VIP Luncheon




本文: 8月26日ノックス・アジアン・フェスティバルにおいて当館はフェスティバル主催団体アジアン・カルチャーセンターオブテネシーとの共催でVIP昼食会を開催しました。VIP昼食会には、地域の政財界要人、日米スポンサー企業関係者等、50名が参加しました松本総領事は挨拶の中で、テネシー州には1970年代から日系企業が進出し、現在200拠点以上で6万人以上のテネシー州民が就業していることに触れ、強固な日・テネシー州経済関係につき説明しました。また、同フェスティバル会場は、1982年の国際展覧会会場跡地にできた公園であることに言及し、2025年の大阪・関西万博開催をPRしました。 


TEXT: Consulate-General of Japan in Nashville co-hosted a VIP luncheon with The Asian Cultural Center of Tennessee at the Knox Asian Festival on August 26. The VIP luncheon was attended by about 50 people. In his opening remarks, Consul General Matsumoto explained the strong Japan-Tennessee economic relationship, noting that Japanese companies have been operating in Tennessee since the 1970s and that more than 60,000 Tennesseans are currently employed at more than 200 locations. He also mentioned that the festival site is a park built on the former site of the 1982 International Exhibition Center, and promoted the 2025 Osaka-Kansai Expo. 

The Consulate-General of Japan in Nashville will continue to participate in various local events and activities with Japanese companies in its jurisdiction.