2019 Poster Contest

Congratulations Yi-Chen and Chiao-An Hsieh for winning the Poster Contest! 2nd place was Yachi Yang. 3rd place was Maribel Frasure. Thank you so much to everyone for submitting your posters. All of you are so creative and we appreciate your time!

We will have an award ceremony at the Asian festival. Thank you so much. See you on Aug 25th!

First Place

Yi-Chen and Chiao-An Hsieh

I’m Yi-Chen and I’m Chiao-An. We come from Taiwan and we have lived in Knoxville,Tennessee for almost two years. Our poster illustrates there are many kinds of culture in Asia that we have to respect diversity of culture. In each letter, we want to express the most famous food, building, animal, or flower. Welcome everyone enjoy Asian Festival with us and come to Asia for traveling!

Second Place

Yachi Yang

Third Place

Maribel Frasure

All Entries

Dawson Valentine

Camber Blandford

Nick D’Alessandro #2

Maribel Frasure #2

Nick D’Alessandro #1

Abhikhya Gudala

Alex Bonner

Brianna Giles

Yvonne Hosey

Bridgette Kirkpatrick

Debalina Ghosh

Maribel Frasure #3

Desiderio Manresa Bodipo

Emily Cloninger