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    The City of Knoxville requires a minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence/$2,000,000 aggregate coverage for use of City properties and/or facilities for events. The City of Knoxville and the Public Building Authority and Asian Culture Center of TN must be listed as additional insureds on the policy. Please attach the insurance Policy.

    If you do not have a insurance and would like to purchase event insurance, follow this process. The website is - Once on the homepage link on “American Specialty Express Online” located in upper right corner (usually shown with red background). On the next page, click on “Special Events” shown on far left on the middle of the page. On the next page select “I am a Vendor/Exhibitor” for type of event and just choose 1 booth below and then policyholder state of Tennessee then click “Get a Quote” then on next page takes you thru the information needed and at bottom of page can chance to cart, tent/trailer or walking vendor if needed – your business operation to select will be “Food & drink concessionaires” and no additional business operations need to be selected. For Length of coverage use “Single Event Coverage” then click “Get Quote” which you may have to click again once premium is generated. Next page is where you will fill in all the details for being a vendor at the festival and for Agent Code use fSjlC (I would copy and paste code) and for agent contact name you can use Mike Compton and for email and (865) 546-0761 for agent phone number. After you finish this page click continue and it should take you to the payment page to complete.

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    World's Fair Vendor Agreement
    Please be mindful of the following while onsite at World’s Fair Park & Volunteer Landing:
    • The lessee is required to provide to the WFP/VL Event Coordinator a site layout of all vendors especially vendors that are grilling prior to any set-up.
    • Food vendors are required to place protective lawn matting on the sidewalk/lawn below cookingequipment to protect the surface below (lessee will be held responsible for any damage).
    • Attachments to trees or landscaping are prohibited.
    • Vehicles will not be allowed on the lawns/sidewalks without permission from the PBA WFP/VL Events Coordinator
    • Vehicles are no longer allowed to park in one (1) lane of World’s Fair Park Drive (except for loading & unloading) or in the circle portion of WFP Drive near the Sunsphere as the Drive must maintain a one & a half lane fire lane clearance and the circle is now considered a fire lane. Violators found parking in these areas during events risk being ticketed and/or towed by WFP Security.
    • Vendors are required to bring their own extension cords or electrical whips as well as any water hoses that they would need.
    • Vendors should come prepared with equipment (dollies, carts, etc.) to assist with unloading and loading of equipment.
    • Tents, inflatable games, etc. must be weighted; stakes in the lawn areas are strictly prohibited. Inflatables expected to remain onsite overnight must be removed from the grass to a hard surface so that the ground does not suffer damages.
    • Vendors who are cooking on site must provide a working fire extinguisher.
    • No open flames are permitted underneath any tent or canopy.
    • Secure all LP/CO2 tanks.
    • Do not pour hot liquids, ice, or grease on the lawns. Please dispose of grease, chlorinated water, and other type liquids properly. It is against City Ordinance to pour anything down the storm drains.
    • Coolers and supplies, including cases of sodas or food, should not be stacked directly on the grass. These items should be placed on a pallet or similar device.
    • Do not erect tents or place any equipment in the roadway that would prohibit passage of an emergency vehicle.
    • Absolutely no paint is to be sprayed on the lawn or concrete areas unless prior approval is granted by PBA (certain non-permanent marking paints are permitted pending approval).
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    I have read the above Rules & Regulations and agree to abide by them while onsite at World’s Fair Park &/or Volunteer Landing.
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