Poster Contest Application

We are accepting applications for the Poster Design for the 9th Knox Asian Festival. The winning poster will be on t-shirts and posters all over town. The due date for submissions is April 30th, 2022.

First Place – $250
Second Place – $100
Third Place – $50


Submit your wholly original artwork: a 300 dpi PNG file or PDF file of your submission must be sent to

To be considered for the contest, each submission (“Contest Submission”) must be received no later than April 30th, 2022 and must showcase Asian Culture with your original artwork. Please include “9th Knox Asian Festival @World Fair Park on Aug 28th 2022. 10AM – 6PM”

  • Must include contact information consisting of your name, email address, phone number, and address. Apply online.
  • Asian Culture Center of TN will reserve all rights to use winning posters.
  • Winner will need to add the sponsor’s logo on the poster.
Max. file size: 64 MB.
Designer Agreement

By submitting a poster design to Knox Asian Festival, you, the designer, agree that Knox Asian Festival does not assume responsibility for entries. Decisions are final. Knox Asian Festival reserves the right to alter the final design or to reject all submissions. All participants agree, as a condition of entry, that their submission becomes the property of Knox Asian Festival. By submitting an entry, the participant gives Knox Asian Festival permission to use and/or sell the image for its purposes including, but not limited to: posters, slides, brochures, advertisements, program books, schedule books, badges and tickets, postcards, t-shirts.

By submitting a poster design to Knox Asian Festival, you, the designer, give permission to the "Knox Asian Festival" to use the poster submitted: a) to be printed in order to appear in any Knox Asian Festival Exhibitions, b) to be featured in the in the Knox Asian Festival program, c) to be sold in order to raise funds for Knox Asian Festival d) to be printed in a limited edition version, and be sold in order to raise money for the exhibitions cost, e) to be featured in editorial magazines etc. Due credit will be given to the designer.

By submitting a poster design to Knox Asian Festival, you, the designer, confirm that you are the sole creator of the work and that you grant to “Knox Asian Festival Poster Competition” a worldwide, non-exclusive license (i.e. you, the designer, retains the copyright) to publish the work, without charge, in book form in all languages, including licensed editions, foreign language editions and new editions of this book published by Knox Asian Festival. This license shall be for the duration of copyright. You also grant Knox Asian Festival permission to use the work in electronic formats of the book and in associated promotional material in relation to this title only, permission to be featured in editorial magazines or other publications used to promote the Knox Asian Festival or the artist.

By submitting a poster design to Knox Asian Festival, you, the designer, promise that:

  • no claims, litigation or other proceedings have been asserted and/or brought, no claims, litigation or proceedings are pending or threatened relating to the work.;
  • the work is original to the designer;
  • the reproduction of the work will not infringe the rights of others;
  • you agree to pay any costs or damages Knox Asian Festival might incur as a result of my breach of this clause.
The above is accepted and agreed to by submitting a design to Knox Asian Festival.
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