About Knox Asian Festival

 Festival will feature authentic traditional food vendors representing Asian countries, such as Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, India, Burma, Korea, China, Japan, Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam.

We are especially proud of the featured performance art that includes traditional Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, and Philippine dance. We also showcase various martial arts demonstrations, K-Pop and J-Pop performances, Chinese professional musicians, a bonsai exhibition, a cosplay contest, Japanese tea ceremony, and Japanese drummers from Disney World. Many of our artists travel to Knoxville from different US cities and from various Asian countries to participate in the Festival. 1,250 seats available under the roof for big stage.

We are creating Knox Epcot educational & fun booth. The Asian Festival also includes a strong educational component. We recently implemented “Kid’s Asian World,” where our young visitors travel through booths that are named for Asian cultural interactive activities and feature traditional foods and art for each. Children/adults receive a stamp in their Festival passport for each cultural booth visited. Children are encouraged to visit all cultural booth to learn about the diversity of cultural traditions.

We will also have a Kids Fun Area which will have bouncy castles & inflatables. The Boy Scouts and YMCA will join us with FUN games. 

Pets are not prohibited. But with hot weather, We just do not suggest to bring the pets for them.

Fill out our online vendor application here!

Join us and celebrate with us!

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